Hood Filter Exchange Services

Clean filters are your first line of defense against a kitchen fire. That's why it's so important to clean them on a regular schedule and get them cleaned down to bare metal.

kitchen hood cleaning mitigates risk of kitchen fires

Unfortunately, many kitchens don't have the time or staff to keep their filters properly cleaned. And when they do clean them on-premises, the resulting grease ends up down their drains.

By having your filters cleaned off site, your facility can lower the amount of grease going down your drain by up to 60% -70%.



Benefits of filter exchange service:

  • Reduce labor & cleaning costs
  • Conserve energy & water
  • Reduce drain line blockages
  • Reduce grease trap servicing
  • Improve air flow
  • Reduce staff injuries
  • Reduce risk of property damage
  • Reduce sanitary sewer overflows
  • Helps with EPA compliance
  • Caustic degreaser no longer needed

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Liberty Services partners with FilterShine Midwest to provide filter exchange services for our clients.

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